Confidence Building Workshops – Overview

Are you part of an business, organisation or community group who could benefit from confidence building workshops? Personal Coach Maritza Duncan runs one day and 4 x 2 hour workshops to help people become more confident.  These workshops have already benefitted parents groups in North Ayrshire.  

When peoples' confidence increases it can have massive positive benefits not only in their personal life but also in their work life as well, enabling them to be more productive and lowering absence rates in the workplace.

These workshops will cover how to: 

 The majority of these workshops will take the form of informal group discussions.  There will also be practical exercises for participants to take part in to give them the chance to practise the skills that they are learning.

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Throughout this year Maritza has facilitated various stress busting/confidence building  and radio workshops with young parents groups in the 3 towns area  for the Education and Skills department of North Ayrshire council.The written and verbal feedback from all the participants  shows that the programmes were well put together and facilitated with empathy and understanding of the issues everybody concerned face on a daily basis.

Alison Cuthill, Community Worker, Education and Skills,  North Ayrshire council