Achievement Coaching with Maritza

Regardless of how satisfied you are with your life now at any moment you can make a new decision, take some new action and massively  improve the quality of your life.  Coaching will empower you and  keep you focused.  I will hold you accountable to get the results and the life that you want and deserve.  Whether you want to overcome stress, become more confident or feel happier with more of a sense of wellbeing we will work together to make it happen!

To book a one to one session email me or call: 07771 604500.

The 5 Steps we will focus on during coaching…

"The reason I decided to work with Maritza is that I was plagued by an unpredictable gut wrenching anxiety when at networking events. This was the main time that I experienced these debilitating attacks that left me completely exhausted and lacking in confidence.  I have had 4 telephone sessions with Maritza.  A shift occurred during the 2nd session and,  to my relief, since then, I have not had an anxiety attack. I need to keep practising using the techniques I have learned from her so whenever I get the sense that the anxiety is building, I can control it. Going to events is so much easier. Try it, it works. Thanks Maritza.

Mary M, Edinburgh