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Personal Coaching

The reason I decided to work with Maritza is that I was plagued by an unpredictable gut wrenching anxiety when at networking events. This was the main time that I experienced these debilitating attacks that left me completely exhausted and lacking in confidence.  I have had 4 telephone sessions with Maritza.  A shift occurred during the 2nd session and,  to my relief, since then, I have not had an anxiety attack. I need to keep practising using the techniques I have learned from her so whenever I get the sense that the anxiety is building, I can control it. Going to events is so much easier. Try it, it works. Thanks Maritza." 

Mary M, Edinburgh

"Maritza provided taster wellbeing coaching sessions for some Council staff. These sessions were well received, scoring on average 8/10 for effectiveness for those taking part. A participant stated that Martiza was, "approachable, knowledgeable and was able to support me to reflect on my issues".

Andrew Hale, Health Improvement Officer, North Ayrshire Council.

Maritza has facilitated various stress busting/confidence building  and radio workshops with young parents groups in the 3 towns area  for the Education and Skills department of North Ayrshire council.The written and verbal feedback from all the participants  shows that the programmes were well put together and facilitated with empathy and understanding of the issues everybody concerned face on a daily basis.  As a result of the positive impact that Maritza’s workshops have had, we plan to roll out a new series of programmes.

Alison Cuthill, Community Worker, Education and Skills,  North Ayrshire council

“The coaching sessions have helped me enormously. When I took on this senior management post I was faced with lots of new situations which really challenged me. I now look back and see amazing transformations in my confidence and self-belief as a result of our sessions. A big thanks Maritza for the all you have done. Your energy and excellent coaching skills enabled me to take great leaps in the last year to become the person I wanted to be! Thank you so much for all you have done in helping get me here!”

Alex H, Project Manager.

“Coaching with Maritza has really helped me to focus on my future, define what I want from life and move forward in my career.”

Shabana M, Marketing Executive, Glasgow

“Maritza’s coaching has supported me in making major changes to my life and to my outlook on my life. I have tackled issues that have held me back and my life is moving forward at a rapid pace—very exciting. I feel so much more in control of my life and what will happen in the future. Maritza aids clarity of purpose and enables realistic and attainable goal setting. I commend anyone who has a true wish to progress in their lives to work with her.”

Tracey W, Coach and founder of The Purple Hat Coaching Co, Warwickshire